Have a thesis written by the ghostwriter? Many diplomas are awarded in US if you are already working. The time for the thesis is then very limited. After all, you can create 100% and now have to train or train at the same time. Financially, on the other hand, one is already secure compared to student life. Writing a thesis is possible.

Combine practice and theory

Often you write a diploma thesis in the field of business administration, but also in the nursing or health field. Through the diploma thesis, the lecturer determines whether you have implemented the acquired knowledge during the training on the basis of a practical example. Because the work combines theory and practice. This can, for example, be the development of a marketing concept in a marketing education. Most of those who are still completing a diploma course already work in this environment and can contribute important contributions.

Then it makes sense to take practical examples from professional practice and thus to reflect your own experiences in the work. Orders are executed with us according to your wishes. Write a diploma thesis let us advise you. We offer diploma thesis help.

The topic of the diploma thesis

The choice of topic is an important point in the preparation of a diploma examination. In the thesis, the topic is usually given. Sometimes it is concrete questions and boundary conditions: Mostly one starts from an actual analysis, then formulates solutions and decides on a proposed solution. Certain areas of a topic need to be edited by the ghostwriter, terms and analysis used.

What is important for a diploma thesis?

If you write a diploma thesis, it is recommended to study literature beforehand. Here are not the same claims as, for example, a bachelor thesis.

It is much more about sounding out the facts from subject-specific literature and putting them to practical use. As a rule, the work consists of an introduction, an analysis and the results. Between the chapters you should not just jump back and forth, a red thread is of course necessary. It does not matter if it is a scientific paper or a diploma. The content of the diploma exam is of course more important than the external form. Nevertheless, the layout and readability should also be taken into account, because eventually there are points on it. Likewise, graphics, tables and calculations in the thesis are advantageous. In a diploma thesis marketing one carries out a competition analysis and if necessary also a location analysis.

Construction of the work

Usually, the structure of a diploma thesis is always the same:
  • Summary (Management Summary)
  • contents
  • Introduction (initial situation, problem definition, goal of the work, possibly demarcation,
  • Method)
  • Analysis (definitions, theory, facts, calculations)
  • Results
  • Conclusion, appreciation

When creating the work you do not use the ego or the we-form. Professionals like ghostwriters are, you know. That includes clear, accurate and unambiguous words without unnecessary filler words. There is no fixed number of pages for the amount of work. As a guideline, 25-50 pages are taken in USA. This information does not contain any attachments. Attachments are not included in the page count. The table of contents, bibliography etc. is still added.

Basically, ghostwriting allows students to seek professional support. Ghostwriters are accustomed to write scientific texts or practice-related papers and fulfill academic demands. Our agency delivers texts punctually, discreetly and reliably.

Practice-related work

The diploma thesis is not just about theory but also about practice. For example, a new controlling tool has to be evaluated. Then it’s about finding the right tool. Before, offers are obtained and it is justified why one decides for this and not for the other tool. A diploma thesis is about linking theory and practice very closely. Most of the work is even related to a specific company. In the best case, students can therefore bring added value to their job.