Our agency based in New York has been successfully positioned in the American ghostwriter market for several years. Ghostwriting is experiencing a boom in the wake of various politician affairs. As part of the Bologna reform is also for students, the time for the creation of scientific papers such as diploma theses leave ever scarce. We create for students work that is entirely based on the needs of the client.

Ghostwriting for students

Ghostwriting generally includes the following services in the university sector: from finding a topic to researching the literature to creating chapters and complete works. Ghostwriting basically means, in short, the job of writing. The client would like to have a specific topic written for his bachelor thesis or have edited another thesis and the author will do this. Either an arrangement is made or the order is made online to your ghostwriter. To this end, the client indicates the topic or area to be edited, specifies the desired scope and the time until when the required text is to be created.

Ghostwriting in US has been in demand for a long time. The ghostwriter makes the client an offer for the required text. If the offer fits, the ghostwriter can start writing. Maybe the client has certain literature that should be used in the text. If not, the ghostwriter will do the complete literature research. He scours through literature databases and goes on the search for suitable sources. He creates a completely new work. Likewise, formatting requests must be sent to the ghostwriter.

Depending on what type of work it is – whether housework, seminar paper, project work, bachelor thesis, write master’s thesis or whether you are looking for a ghostwriter for business administration, the structure is a little different.